Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thoughts About Christmas...

Hey friends. Matt has been teaching a series on Sunday mornings called Incarnate about the man-ness and God-ness of Jesus. It has been awesome, but it has created a lot of questions in my head. I'd love to hear your thoughts....

  • Was Jesus in communion/communication with His Father while he was in Mary's womb? We can't remember being in the womb, but God created the womb that Jesus grew in...so Jesus obviously remembers those months...what must that have been like?
  • As a baby, Jesus as a man did not have language capability, but in His mind and heart, was He speaking with the Father?
  • What was that moment like when Jesus was birthed into our cold & sinful world. Was His mind already on the cross?
  • Would I have responded like Mary if I had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus (probably not). What can I learn from her this year?
  • Did the angels sing Glory in the highest & peace on earth....if so, what did that sound like?
  • What must the shepherds have been feeling...being chosen to be the very first in humanity to hear about the arrival of our Immanuel?
  • I love that Jesus' birth was so humble b/c we can identify with Him. If he came as a king or with lots of pomp and royalty, we could not identify with him. It's truly amazing how beautiful a manger has become.
  • Did Mary struggle with insecurities in her parenting of the Great I AM??
  • Did Mary know that her Son would give His life to forgive her sins?

So many questions....lots to think about. Love you all :)

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ginger said...

i bought the movie 'pride and prejudice' and thought of you... and then i watched it and decided that i absolutely MUST read the book!

hope you guys had a great christmas... praying for your family. love you and miss you tons.